Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy illustrates the way saving your information in our database, utilizing it when serving you with what information is required, and sharing the information collected from including all subdomains and sub URLs.

To raise the standard of functionality for what you are using this site, we may need to collect your personal information that includes your Name, Email address, Phone number, and other credentials. It could be in the form of cookies used to track your progress and improve our services on our website.

Under the law and by fair means, we may share this information with our service providers to provide you services on our behalf, consumer reviews with those companies we are affiliated with to post reviews on their sites.

We may interlink to external websites to cite a source; we are neither responsible for the liability nor the services linked to our sites. Also, we don’t own access to the content available on other websites.

You can deny access to collecting your information because some of the features will not be available to you.

If you continue using our website, we’ll take it as your agreement of complying with our privacy policy. If you have privacy complaints, please contact us for a resolution.