How Much Gas Does A Generator Use|Easy Guide & Gas Consumption Chart

It’s a hot topic among industrialists and small business owners: how much gas does a generator use? Nowadays, this query is also mingling among home, Camping, and RV owners due to the everyday use of generators. In actuality, people want to determine the total fuel consumption and running costs of a generator if they have an alternative source of power at home.

Well, the answer to this question relies on many factors such as generator type, type of gas, load type, and numerous other critical aspects. Read the complete article to get all the related information about the fuel consumption of all types of generators for homes, Rv, and camping. Also, don’t forget to check the gas consumption chart at the end of the article. So, let’s get started.

Classification of Generators

Keep in mind that we are considering the home & camping generators here. So, there are three primary types of generators explained in the following:

Inverter Generator

Inverter generators are compact and smaller in size compared to other generator types. They offer quick charging and are best suitable to charge small electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, car batteries, and more.

Portable Generators

A portable generator is the second type of generator. Such generators are also small-sized and used as portable chargers. However, the difference in the power capability. These generators are used to supply power to heavy electrical appliances such as refrigerators, etc. Remember, they are used to power up appliances for a shorter period of time.

Standby Generators

Standby generators are usually used for power backup or emergency use. They are larger in size and the most powerful electricity option in the market. However, they are commonly used to run electrical appliances for a more extended period.

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Types of Gases Used By Generators

Most home and industrial generators work on the following four types of fuels except the inverter generator. Keep in mind that the inverter generator is an exceptional case due to its working.


Gas generators are very cost effective and also available at a low price compared to other types. Due to low running costs, these generators appeal to most homeowners. Although, they need frequent refuelling and are also used in emergencies. The reason is that gas fuel is not readily available anywhere.

Natural Gas

Natural gas generators are moderately cleaner than diesel-type generators but not 100% eco-friendly. It’s the best option for those who have a natural gas supply in their homes. Also, you can store the gas in different types of cylinders according to your needs. In short, they are a suitable power source and rarely create problems.


As the name suggests, such types of generators run with the help of diesel. They consume fuel slowly and are known as cost-effective generators. However, they are also not eco-friendly and cause some environmental problems.


Propane is the most common and adaptable fuel and is suitable for all types of home generators. Mostly used in the generators located at remote locations as it is difficult to arrange other fuels there.

Types of Gases Used By Generators

Appliances That A Generator Can Power up

It is a fact that the amount of fuel used by a generator varies according to the number of appliances. More load leads to high fuel consumption and vice versa. If you are worried about how to calculate the exact load, here we are sharing some tips.

You can calculate the total required power by checking the power rating (wattage) of each appliance. For example, a central AC is rated for 3500W, microwave 1800W, freezer 65W, and more. So, calculate the overall power rating of your home appliances and then go for a suitable generator to power them up.

What is the Cost to Run a Generator?

It is purely dependent on the fuel consumption that how much gas our generator will burn. In the following, we have roughly estimated the running cost of a generator upon different fuels. Let’s have a look!

Natural Gas Generator Running Cost

Suppose we have a 7kW generator, so roughly it will use 118 cubic feet of gas in one hour. In the same way, the average cost of running a generator on natural gas is about $58.35 for 24 hours.

Propane Generator Running Cost

If you have a 6kW generator, it will consume about 1.41 gallons of fuel per hour. Similarly, the average running cost of a propane generator is about $115.03 for 24 hours.

Diesel Generator Running Cost

According to an estimate, an 8kW generator uses 0.5 gallons of diesel per hour. So, the overall running cost of a diesel generator for 24 hours is about $52.03.

Gasoline Generator Running Cost

If you acquire a 5kW gasoline generator, it ingests 0.75 gallons of gasoline in one hour. Therefore, the running cost of a gasoline generator is about $46.86 for 24 hours.

Tips To Keep Generator’s Running Cost Down

Besides the type of fuel, there are a few tips that you can acquire to keep the generator’s running cost down:

  • Turn your refrigerator to low voltages so that the compressor consumes less amount of power. Don’t miss What Size Generator Do I Need To Run A Refrigerator
  • Don’t use water heaters when you run appliances on generators.
  • Ensure the low-power light bulb in your home.
  • Always buy low-wattage appliances for your home.

Natural Gas Consumption Chart for Generators

Check out the detailed table having the running cost of a generator with the help of natural gas. Remember that we have measured the gas usage in ft3/hour (Cubic feet per hour). Similarly, we have estimated the fuel consumption for different generators (different power ratings) at the quarter, half, and full load.

Generator Size (kW)Fuel at ¼ Load (ft3/hr)Fuel at ½ Load (ft3/hr)Fuel at 3/4 Load (ft3/hr)Full Load (ft3/hr)

Wrapping Up

Generators are very common due to high electricity consumption. They are primarily used in emergencies or as an alternative to an electrical power supply for camping or outdoor picnics. Therefore, it is recommended to calculate the total power and then determine the running cost for your appliances. We have mentioned all the prices and other details about the generators above. We hope our provided information will help you in clearing all your ambiguities.

FAQs About How Much Gas Does A Generator Use:

If you have an average generator, it will run about 10-12 hours in one gallon of gas. However, don’t forget that efficiency depends on many aspects that will alter efficiency.

If we talk about the gas generators, it will consume about 18 gallons of gasoline to run for a whole day at ½ load.

A typical 5kW generator consumes about 0.75 gallons of gas per hour. However, it may change according to the circumstances.