Best small generator for camping Ultimate Review & Buyer’s Guide

The combination of experiencing great camping time and convenience is possible now! Gone are those days when camping times were just about power outages. Yes, those days are passed when you have low battery lights, drones, and cameras, cell phones. Small, practical, and power generators have arrived in the camping market. And they promise to charge your appliances on full notes during camping.

Best small generator for camping

The reviews on the Best small generator for camping are here mentioned. These generators promise to bring maximum convenience and multiple charging options. The below-mentioned recommendations are all-in-one power stations and instantly fulfill your camping or emergency needs. In addition, these are lightweight, portable generators that are ideal for camping, RV trips, and all kinds of outdoor adventures:

list of Top 10 Best Small Generators For Camping & reviews

1- MARBERO 167Wh Portable Power Station | High-End Small Generator

MARBERO 167Wh Portable Power Station - High-End Small Generator
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Two Recharging Methods
  • QuickCharge 3.0 output
  • Support 5V-9V/2.1A max output
  • Weighs only 3.6lbs
  • Compact handle design
  • White LED flashlight
  • Three lighting modes

MARBERO 167Wh is a mini and portable generator for camping. It is marked to be a 167Wh Large Capacity and high-end Battery Power station. For powering up your electronic devices for hours and hours while you are out there camping, using this portable generator is the right choice. The powering capacity showcased by this generator is jaw-opening. In addition, you can charge a mobile phone 12 times. Furthermore, the reviewed generator can charge a laptop two times, and charging of CPAP machine takes 4 hours.

Any camping activity is incomplete if the LED lights are not charged. So, charging them at your convenience has become possible because of MARBERO 167Wh. MARBERO 167Wh offers wide applications. It is a suitable product to be used during camping and emergencies. Moreover, do not forget to take it along with you during hurricane emergencies and short blackouts. There are two methods to recharge it. You can either do that by AC 110v wall socket, or it can get recharged right under direct sunlight.

  • Large Capacity Battery Power
  • Ideal for emergencies 
  • Widely Range of Application
  • Solar panel not included

You can have MARBERO 167Wh portable generator because it is identified as an incredible power station. It weighs only 3.6lbs and appears in compact handle design makes. You can take it everywhere and thus make your camping experience free from power outages.

2- FF FLASHFISH Portable Power Station- Best Small Inverter Generator

FF FLASHFISH Portable Power Station- Best Small Inverter Generator
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Weight is 4.07lb
  • Soft handle
  • Easy operation
  • Multifunction LCD
  • Triple Rechargeable Modes
  • Warranty of 12 months

Lots of small and portable generators models have arrived in the market dedicated to camping needs. Here we have FFFLASHFISH Portable Power Station for our readers. It is the best inverter generator for camping that allows Multiple Charging Outputs and is featured with AC/ DC/ USB outputs. Furthermore, it helps you power up and conveniently charges your smartphone, tablet, and even your laptop, or camera. FFFLASHFISH has made it stress-free to charge your light, drones, and fans, in-car appliances during emergencies.

FF Model generator is the name of ensuring high performance as well as a handy power source. It comes in a compact station and is convenient to be taken anywhere. Whether you are out to travel, camp, or long road trips, it is a must-have generator that you should keep there in your car’s back seat. In addition, its weight is just 4.07lb and comes with a soft handle. The presence of standalone AC/DC gives easy and hassle-free operation! And the stamping of LCD will provide you with pertinent details regarding how much energy, charges, and discharges are left.

  • Multiple Charging Outputs 
  • Gives High Performance
  • Available in the Handy Power Source
  • You cannot use and charge the generator at one single time

FFFLASHFISH small generator is a high-end model because it claims to call itself an Efficient Solar Generator. It is equipped and stamped with a lithium battery pack and shows high battery capacity reduction.

3-PROGENY Portable Generator- Best Small Generator For Home, Camping & RV

PROGENY Portable generator For Home, Camping & RV
9.4/10 Our Score


  • 300w portable power station
  • Offer short protection
  • Gives overcurrent protection
  • Voltage 110 volts
  • Wattage 300 watts
  • Dimensions are 14 x 8 x 5.6 inches
  • The color is black and orange

PROGENY Portable generator shows the maximum power capacity and multiple outputs that synchronize well with your camping needs. Keep in a notice that this one is the best portable generator for camping. It is a 299Wh/80818mAh battery power station. Furthermore, it weighs only 7lb, capable enough to charge all kinds of smartphones. Moreover, it can charge your laptops and mini-fridges. We have concluded that this one is a viable product for camping, home emergency times, and even adventurous travel and fishing.

The old and traditional camping portable generators were not upgraded, and the PROGENY Portable generator is fully upgraded. You can believe that it is upgraded to 12V regulated power and thus keeps your camping time trouble-free. Your devices will no longer shut down, and they will remain charged without any hassle. Moreover, if you are recharging this generator from a carport, then 7 hours will be taken. You can even fully set it with the help of an AC wall outlet.

  • Upgraded to 12V regulated power
  • Built-in professional and latest MPPT technology
  • Avail battery management system
  • DC converter is sold separately

PROGENY portable generator is one of the safest and most reliable power stations. Its use and employ a battery management system so that the battery utilization part can be improved. In addition, it ensures short protection, overcurrent protection. The same generator provides overvoltage protection and overload protection.

4-TOGO POWER Generator For Camping- Best Small Gas Generators

TOGO POWER Generator- Best Small Gas Generators
9.4/10 Our Score


  • 1000 Peak Watts
  • 120 Volts
  • Gasoline Powered
  • Fully CARB Compliant
  • Dimensions are 16.1 x 14.8 x 14.2 inches
  • Weight is 34.8 Pounds
  • The color is black and orange

You need to stop worrying about how your appliances and phones will remain charged during camping? We have an excellent solution for you! Have a TOGO POWER portable small generator for camping. It makes your camping time as much smoother as you can. It shows the wide application and is ideal for camping and job sites and fishing hunting sites. Furthermore, TOGO POWER Generator offers powerful operations during emergency use. It gives out 1000 watts of starting power and claims to produce 800 watts of operating power to charge any small household appliances.

Undoubtedly, this generator is the name giving high combustion efficiency. It uses 90# Petrol and Oil mixing combination so that power flexibility time can be given to the user. Whether the generator is 30% loaded, it will remain to operate and function for six hours; how amazing it is! The presence of reliable and robust 63cc two-stroke OHV power air-cooled system allows you to charge any high voltage appliance with ease. Hence, you can have this mini outdoor generator because it is so much easy to move. It comes with low decibel and remains to show noise-free operations.

  • Use 90# Petrol & Oil mixing to give power flexibility
  • Power high voltage appliances
  • Low decibel and noise-free
  • Slow customer service

TOGO POWER gasoline-powered generator is convenient and hassle-free to start. You will get a 1-year after-sales warranty service time. Time to upgrade your camping ventures and begin using these generators so that no device and appliance gets shut down during camping!

5-WAWUI Portable Generator- Best Small Quiet Generators

WAWUI Portable Generator- best small quiet generators
9.4/10 Our Score


  • It comes with 5V/5W high-quality solar panel
  • Brightness is maintained above 100LM
  • Includes handle, battery, and light bulbs
  • Lifespan is 12 years
  • DC& USB output

WAWUI camping electric generator is the next on our list! It is marked to be a perfect and one of the ideal emergency power backup stations. Furthermore, it comes with a solar panel, making it one of the only choices so far. The set also includes a LiFePO4 battery 13000mAh/42Wh, and its high-capacity nature is shown by the battery. We know that it gets tough to meet lighting needs while you camp for days and days. But do not get worried and stressed now! WAWUI portable generator is here that claims to give you continuous and non-stop lightning. Its light functions up to two levels, and there are three extra white LED bulbs present in it.

Undoubtedly, it is for multiple occasions that you can use WAWUI portable generator. It is small and quiet and widely applications in camping, hiking, and hunting, expedition. The charging span of a 5V/5W high-quality solar panel is just one day, and it can give you light for up to a time frame of 32 hours. Keeping such a handy generator is mandatory for you; consider it an emergency power supply and make your camping moments simply enjoyable.

  • 13000mAh/42Wh high capacity battery
  • Durable to use
  • Anti-dust
  • Not suitable to charge blender

WAWUI portable generator is entirely resistant to dust. In addition, it has DC& USB output and remains to be safe and reliable to use. Love is showered on this generator because it shows integrated packing and easy transportation.

6-ZEROKOR Power Station For Camping

ZEROKOR Power Station For Camping
9.4/10 Our Score


  • 146Wh/39600mAh superior and lithium-ion battery pack
  • Weight of 3.3lb
  • Rated power is 100W
  • Green Solar Generator
  • Configure multiple numbers of Protection Mechanisms
  • Successfully run more safely
  • Gives low-noise
  • Gas-free design
  • 14 months Warranty

ZEROKOR power station for camping allows your phones and appliances to stay powered anywhere you go! It has collected lots of positive camping generator reviews. It can power your smartphone, tablet, and even your laptop, or camera. Furthermore, it can charge your drones, and mini fans. Keep in a notice that the Flashlight comes with a reading mode, and you can use SOS mode for emergencies. You will probably find this generator as one of the high-performing generators so far. It is stress-free to move and shows a weight of 3.3lb. In addition, its Rated power is 100W.

There is a Built-in BMS and offers features like that of short circuit protection. Customers have ranked the ZEROKOR power station as a versatile generator because it displays over-current protection, overload protection. Hence, it is beautifully made and packaged outstandingly. If your camping plan is coming up, then do try out this ZEROKOR power station for once. In case of any issue, you will get professional customer assistance and 14 months of warranty.

  • SOS mode for emergency
  • Easy to Carry
  • Four Charging Ways
  • It takes a bit more time to charge fully

ZEROKOR power station is available in a gas-free design, and that is the noticeable specification and quality of it. The product comes with Ultra-bright LED Flashlight and a Digital tube display indicator.

7-Joyzis 296Wh Portable Power Station – Best Portable Small Generator

JOYZIS portable small generator
9.4/10 Our Score


  • It comes with eight output ports
  • Sine Wave inverter
  • Shows a high conversion rate
  • Quieter, durable, and more stable
  • Weighs 4.29 pounds
  • 115° foldable wave groove handle.

JOYZIS generator is the best small generator for camping. It is an epitome choice for all campers out there. It is powerfully designed and meets all your charging needs. You can have this generator for home use and off-the-grid life. Utilize it for travel, hunting, and even for fishing, RV life. Most importantly, it consists of 8 output ports and processes itself on fast charging operations. There is a Built-in thick copper coil in it so that you can charge your appliance more sensitively. It is indorsed to use a USB 3.0 port and a 60W Type C PD port to see a 400% faster charge process.

Quality is assured from JOYZIS portable generator side because it shows a high conversion rate and low loss. It is quieter, durable, and more stable to use. Campers have praised using such entry-level and portable power stations because they are infused with a 296Wh lithium-ion battery pack and packed in an easy-to-carry version.

  • Power up to 8 devices
  • Built-in thick copper coil
  • Offer 400% faster charge
  • It is not dust-resistant

JOYZIS portable generator has a foldable wave groove handle and is marked to be the most reliable and easy-to-use emergency power supply. You can charge your mini TV, CPAP, MacBook, Laptop, and even Router, Projector with its help.

8-Aeiusny Portable Solar Generator 500W | Top-Notch Small Generator

Aeiusny Portable Solar Generator
9.4/10 Our Score


  • 288Wh(12V/24Ah)/500W
  • AC-Outlet, DC Port, USB Outputs
  • Charge phones 40 times
  • 12.705.918.66 inches
  • Weight is 7.05Lb
  • Includes AC wall outlet

Aeiusny small Generator comes with AC-Outlet, DC Port. It is injected with USB Outputs and marked as one of the versatile and portable generators for camping. For camping times and even for hurricane emergencies, this is an ideal and top-notch generator for you. In addition, campers have preferred these sorts of generators so that their appliances may not run short of battery. It gives you an uninterruptible power supply and automatically powers your phones and device without shut off during the time of power outage.

This power station comes in a unique design and charges your phone 40 times. You can hassle-free charge your laptops, drones, and mini-refrigerators. Its dimensions are 12.705.918.66 inches, and the total weight of the Aeiusny Portable Generator is 7.05Lb. Once the generator is fully charged, the AC or Solar charged light would turn green. On the other hand, the LED display will show a sign of 100%.

  • Ideal for travel, outdoors
  • UPS Function
  • Use it as a backup battery.
  • You have to buy a solar panel separately

Aeiusny Portable Generator allows three ways of charging, and that is its unique selling point. You can charge it by 60w solar panel within 8-10 hours. Or you can set it by AC wall outlets or even in cars.

9-PAXCESS Camping Small Generator

PAXCESS Camping Small Generator
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Built-in 3*QC3.0 USB ports
  • 3 Charging ways
  • Size of inches
  • Labor and space-saving
  • Silent Generator
  • Reassuring Safety
  • Lithium battery

PAXCESS Camping generator is a large capacity and small gas generator for camping. If you have got a traditional electric generator for your camping, then time to replace it! It shows 78000mAh/288.6Wh power capacity and efficiently powers all kinds of electronic devices. Moreover, it can recharge your phone 27 times. Tempting advantages are offered, making the PAXCESS Camping generator the top-notch and premium generator for camping purposes. It has an Updated LED light that is injected with SOS mode.

Moreover, this light gives you a large irradiation area and radial light ray so that a broad field of vision gets illuminated with ease. Your portable power generator will remain protected and secured because the brand has infused Silica gel anti-collision strip. Thus, if you are looking for a portable generator that shows updated multifunctional outputs, have a PAXCESS Camping generator. Keep in a notice that the AC output of the camping battery is fully and wholly upgraded to 110V/330W. The generator is of size: inches and remains to be termed as labor and space-saving.

  • Updated LED light
  • Silica gel anti-collision strip for protecting the power station generator
  • Installed with a variety of outputs
  • Absence of overload protection

PAXCESS Camping generator is one of the Silent Generators and keeps on reassuring the element of safety. It works faster and stably. Furthermore, it does not give out any of the toxic and gasoline fumes. The respective suggestion is healthy and eco-friendly to use. It functions on the Battery Management System (BMS) and gives excellent safety operation to the campers.

10-DBPOWER Small Power Station – Best Portable Electric Generator

DBPOWER Small Power Station – Best Portable Electric Generator
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Shows 3 charge methods
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Dimensions are 7.16* 5.39* 5.04 inches
  • Weight is 4.4lbs
  • Cooling vents
  • A free 3-Years product refund
  • Offers replacement warranty
  • 24/7 friendly customer service

DBPOWER portable electric generator has the ultimate potential to power around about five devices; now, this is so remarkable! It is featured and accompanied by AC/DC/USB outputs and fully supports a quick charging process. In addition, the presence of AC pure sine wave outlets helps you to power and charge a large number of equipment. This DBPOWER Power Station comes with a 178Wh and 48000mAh lithium-ion battery pack.

Campers will enjoy more stability upon using this generator because it claims and guarantees to call itself environment-friendly. It can reach 3000 cycles and be injected with more than ten years of battery health.

DBPOWER Power Station does not show any memory effect. And the camper does not have to take stress in terms of battery capacity reduction. It comes along with three modes, and there is a built-in LED flashlight. Hence, DBPOWER Power Station is available in slim size, and its dimensions are 7.16* 5.39* 5.04 inches. Do not miss the chance and have this emergency power station. A solid handle design is embedded in it that makes it stress-free to move anyplace you go. 

  • Environment-friendly
  • Ten years battery health
  • Shows no battery capacity reduction
  • Releases a few gasoline fumes

DBPOWER Power Station does not damage your electrical elements at all! It charges and powers them up on the stable notes. In addition, customers will get a free 3-Years product refund service and replacement warranty. Moreover, enjoy having 24/7 friendly customer service.

Important Buying Tips For The Best Small Generator For Camping

Various elements and factors are of utmost consideration when getting the Best small generator for camping. For your ease, we have penned down a buying guide that educates you about the criterion in choosing a portable generator:

Portable and Lightweight 

Only those generators should be preferred for camping and other outdoor activities that are portable and lightweight. If they weigh only 3.6lb, it means your chosen generator will remain convenient to carry. Portable and lightweight generators remain suitable for camping, hiking, outdoor traveling, and even for outdoor photography.

Circuit Breaker ON/OFF

It is a must for the camper to look for a portable generator with a circuit breaker on/off feature in it. This respective feature will ensure that your generator will remain in its working condition during the time of operation fault or even during the phases of short circuit fault. It is all because of this circuit breaker will that your generator operations will remain safe and reliable.

High Fuel Efficiency

It is a general piece of advice given to campers to look for a portable generator that shows high fuel efficiency. In addition, it should be able to run and function for six to seven hours at 50% load.

Power multiple devices

Try hunting for a kind for a portable generator that powers multiple devices. Like, it should seamlessly power charge your mobile phones, laptops, drone cameras, mini-fridges, lights, and other camping essentials.

FAQs About the Best Small Generator For Camping

It is recommended to get a 2000 watt generator for trips like camping and hiking. Note that it is one of the standards and popular sizes feasible and highly appropriate for camping applications. A 2000 watt generator can charge and run your high-wattage appliances. This includes air-conditioners, microwaves.

You can have Westinghouse iGen 1200, Champion Power 2000, and Briggs and Stratton 30651 generators. These are noise-free generators, and some of them just produce a little noise. In addition, some campers prefer buying Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Small Generator, Duromax XP4850EH, and Yamaha EF6300iSDE. Besides, some campers love using Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Kit and Goal Zero Yeti 400 Power Station Kit.

It is advisable not to use a power generator in the rain during camping. Besides, it is suggested to fully cover your generators and make them safe and protected during rain and snow times. The Consumer Product Safety Commission gives this piece of advice that generators should only operate and run on a dry surface.

Final Verdict

The detailed reviews on the best small generator for camping may have eased your job now. They are a faithful companion for your camping times. In case of a power outage, these portable generators will be the ones that will fully charge your phones and other camping appliances. Furthermore, they have a high-end rechargeable battery generator system in them.

Our top choices are:

  • MARBERO 167Wh small generator
  • PROGENY Portable generator
  • TOGO POWER Generator for camping

You can use these camping generators for more than 12 years; this is incredible! Moreover, you can quickly and speedily recharge them through sunlight or a wall outlet. They are anti-dust and installed with DC and USB output. To all campers, these generators are safe and reliable to use. They are the best emergency power backup solution. A few of the recommended generators have their lights, and three bright LED bulbs are present. So, plan out your camping venture and let us know how efficiently and effectively these generators work!